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) ( RETA+GA ) IN

Dear All,

As we enter the new financial year 2013+14; of the many objectives that lopltd14 has laid down, one key objective is to build a quality business book & retain the book we have built over the past 25 years of +ve experience in the world market.

We as a Sales Training Team have been successfully conducting an interesting training module for lopltd14's member " Retain & Gain" to tackle sure clients & retain them in this competitive business world, which is not we suppose tough for our success, profitability & client satisfaction.

Here are some particulars 4 d training of lopltd14's member:

* Role Play would be a big help for Acquiring technique is'nt it??? also a new learning for row(rest of world).

* Although we handle Live situations but still felt Role Play method is good way of Learning.

* FABing(feature+advantage+benefit) sounds interesting; we definitely start using this technique to handle would be client'of lopltd14

* End sticked sure client & New Active Visitor's History plays a vital role to Retain our client of lopltd14

Thanx n Regards -

Sanjoy Bhattacharjee